ou can work in Japan!!                フィリピン人が日本で仕事ができる。

★For Pinoy in Japan…   日本に居るフィリピン人の方へ

We are staffing agency located in Manila, Philippines.

Untill now, it is a company that has been dispatched to Dubai, Saudi Arabia.


We establishd a new sales office and started dispatching to Japan.

Please introduce your family and friends in the Philippines.


Send BIO DATA and wait for contact.








Send BIO DATA and wait for contact. 

BIO DATAを送って、連絡を待ちましょう。

BIO DATA consists of 4 items.


Please fill in all pages and send.

BIO DATAは、4項目で構成されてます。 全ページ記入して送信してください。